Marina Albero

Musician and Coach

Photo by Jean Paul Builes

Marina Albero

Marina is decidedly one of the rarest improvisational artists of our time. It's relevant in the human experience today because what reflects an awakened emotional soundscape as she engages you. It's movement that is necessary yet strikingly a familiarity we have forgotten.

The complexity of the sounds out of every key has not one identity but multiple characteristics in relation to another, it leaves you wondering what is even happening and in what genre you are listening to anymore.

With her self-released 3-CD set “A Life Soundtrack”, Marina Albero has composed an intimate biography in the musical languages of old Europe, modern Spain, 1990’s Cuba and the US of today. Comfortable in the syntax and idioms of baroque, flamenco, son and American jazz, Albero shares chapters on learning, love, loss, and life that will move and inspire you. Her musical story has been captivating audiences and musicians around the Northwest since she moved to Seattle in 2015.

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Sharing my musical journey and studies

I believe that Music is easy and fun to make. I also know how it can take a whole life mastering it!

As a child music was a natural language to me and now, after years in classical and improvisation training, teaching and performing, my approach is to start creating from day one while we naturally learn about music's structure and architecture.

My passion is taking music back into your hands to channel, create and heal or just to have fun.

Music is a social connector, a balsam for our hearts and a safe place to experience and explore your own voice. It is your choice stay in that one note or move on to the next. Oh, and it's safe, risk-free. Wanna try?


Jazz Festival and Teatro Zinzanni!

Fall is time for Earshot Jazz Festival  where I'll play with some of my favorite musicans in the PNW such as Thomas Marriot, Jacqueline Tabor, Naomi Siegel, Jeff Johnson or the amazing tablas player Anil Prasad.

I am specially honored to present the show

"Don't Explain" where I am supporting the personal journey of the great Seattle's chanteuse

Jacqueline Tabor about the impactful music of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone whose message about social justice and civil rights is still needed as we witness how systemic racism is still in place. Black lives matter!

Teatro Zinzanni is a cultural landmark in Seattle and after a (pandemic) hiatus the show is coming back home!! Only a few months for now, so hurry up and get your tickets before it sells out!! The run goes from November 16th to February 19th and we will ahve some of the best performers in the circus world such as: Elena Gatilova, Kevin Kent, Dou Madrona, Rizo and Vita Radionova. The band is also an all-star under the direction of my beloved mentor Hans Teuber.  Don't let them tell you how good it was but experince it!



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Also download these two unreleased tracks for free!!

A life Soundtrack

Triple CD awarded as Best Record of 2019 by Earshot Jazz. Recorded between Barcelona (Volume 1, 2008) and Seattle (Volumes 2 and 3 in 2018). STREAMING in all platforms now!!

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Support makes music happen!

"A Life Soundtrack" has been an ongoing project and is atill a work in progress about my own journey. In 2017 I launched a Patreon page under that title and my patrons and I were able to release 12 high quality live music videos with the amazing work of Elliot Fisher at Chitin Creative. Join now and become an active part of the process! Thank you for listening, feeling and enjoying.

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SoundCloud Archives

For a few years I realized how hard it was for me releasing music so I started a record label (Elukeya, 2005) and an online archives site where to have a sort of SoundLog. Mikrotunes, pre productions, unreleased tracks and other surprises. Always for free and CC license, so use them if you want!

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What they say about Marina

Boundless Virtuosity

Boundless virtuosity and spirit abound in the piano bass duo of Marina Albero and Jeff Johnson.

The Strager

Seattle Newspaper

She's actually improvising!

Marina Albero is a piano virtuoso. At times it seems like she’s playing the most polished standards – like she’s memorized Mozart back and forth – but in fact she’s actually improvising.
– Jake Uiti, Artist Home

Jake Uiti

Artist Home

Inventive and effusive

An inventive and effusive pianist and composer.
– KNKX jazz public radio


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